Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene: Your top priority during treatment should always be to maintain great oral hygiene. Nothing can ruin a great smile like decalcification (white marks) caused by poor hygiene (as well as consumption of soda/sports drinks). This is no time to get lazy!

Braces Patients: Orthodontic wires are made of a special alloy which is “active” over a long period of time. Your teeth will continue to move, even without supervision. It is not uncommon for patients to remain in the same wire for months at a time. Do not worry about “losing time” in your treatment at this point.

Invisalign Patients: Continue wearing your aligners as instructed. If you are on your last aligner and have an appointment in this 2-week time frame, continue wearing that last aligner until you are seen again.

Expander Patients: If you are actively turning an expander, complete the number of turns as directed at your last visit, then stop turning. Make a note of the date of the last turn. If you are scheduled to have your appliance removed soon, don’t worry! A little extra time in an expander just helps the bone that has grown in to become “settled” in its new position. No harm will come from extra time in an expander, quite the opposite! Continue to practice good hygiene and use your rinses.

Wearing Elastics: Continue wearing your rubber bands as directed at your last visit. We can mail you additional packs if you are running low. If your bite looks or feels ‘overcorrected’, switch to wearing at bedtime only and please call the office for additional guidance. Remember to perform thorough hand washing before changing your elastics!

Retainer Appointments: If you had an appointment for a retention check, continue to wear your retainers as directed at your last appointment. You don’t want your teeth to shift! Remember that they can be soaked in clear mouthwash (colored will stain them) to kill any germs.

Virtual Consultations: Our website supports new patient consultations that can be done online and we encourage you to still take advantage of these.