How it works

With the DentalMonitoring app and DM ScanBox, you can now send in photos of your teeth and communicate with your practice securely from the comfort of your home — or anywhere in the world.

1 – At an in-person appointment, we will provide you with directions on how to use the DM ScanBox and how to get started using the DM app.

2 – Next, you’ll take photos of your smile from anywhere using the DM ScanBox (at the frequency we recommend) and send them in through the app.

3 – We will receive your photos to review your treatment and ensure it’s on track without the need for unnecessary trips to the office. We will send communication and guidance on your treatment via the app.

4 – Over time, you can monitor the progress of your treatment with our photo time lapse technology that shows you how your teeth are moving towards your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the DM App?

As a patient, you can download the DM App from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. When your monitoring starts, we will send you an activation email with everything you need to log in.

How do I take a DM scan with my smartphone?

There are many ways to take a DM scan, depending on your treatment. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you may think. Video tutorials and reminders will be available once you log into the DM app.

What messages does my doctor send me?

We will send updates and instructions based on your DM scans. For example, if your oral hygiene is declining due to aligner wear, we will let you know areas that you may need to focus when brushing. Or, if your aligner is not fitting properly, we may let you know that you need to continue wearing the current aligner longer or use your chewies.

Which smartphones are compatible?

Well, pretty much any recent smartphone is compatible, with a minimum of Android 5 (with flash) or iOS 10. For more information, contact our Customer Support.